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Nice to meet you

There is a wonderful series currently running on the Lingua Greca Translations’ blog Adventures in Freelance Translation. It is called “20 (or so ) questions on how __ works”  and features freelance translators.

I have been getting a huge kick out of reading these interviews. They offer a wealth of conversation starters and would probably be fantastic to re-read before meeting any of the translators introduced there (cheat sheet for a conference, anyone?).

Even though I’m familiar with most of the translators featured so far from social media platforms, this series provides a little glimpse behind the scenes and proves yet again that the translation community is very cool and filled with awe-inspiringly educated and savvy people.

Which is why I am very proud to say that I got featured there too!

So head over there right now and read the piece about me. And then be a part of the series yourself so that we can get to know you a little better too.

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