Show and tell: Plagium

Are you sure your content isn’t being used by someone else?

Plagium is a tool that lets you search the web to see where texts you have written are being used, be they blog posts or website copy. The free version lets you search for texts up to a length of 25,000 characters. You can conduct a maximum of 5 free searches per day. You don’t need to register to use the free version. Simply paste the text you want to search for into the search box and off you go. You can choose whether to search the web, social media or news. Plagium will show you a list of sites featuring that content.

Plagium can’t tell you whether your content is being used illegally. That is something you will have to decide. Unless you are the most prolific blogger or writer, though, I think you’ll be able to remember giving someone else permission to use your content.

I like to conduct a spot check every now and then just to make sure what’s happening with my content. Plagium is a nice tool that helps me sleep a bit better.

Do you check whether your writing is being plagiarized? If so, what’s your method?

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