Free e-books for stormy autumn days

Summer is slowly winding down in my neck of the woods. Time to stop enjoying cool drinks in the garden and instead curl up on the couch with a steaming mug of something hot and yummy.  All that’s missing now is a good book!

While I was rummaging around in Evernote, I rediscovered all the free e-books I’ve downloaded over the past year. The fear of running out of reading matter keeps me stockpiling books, both physical and digital.

Anyway, here a few free e-books that could help you while away a rainy autumn afternoon:

E-books about other translators

  1. The Bright Side of Free­lance Trans­la­tion: Suc­cess Sto­ries from the Word­face, edited by Nicole Y. Adams and Andrew Mor­ris: This is just the book for when bad weather and bad business are getting you down. It tells the tales of language professionals who successfully faced the challenge of becoming happy freelancers and actively shaped their professional future.

E-books about writing

  1. The Little Book of Transcreation, Mother Tongue Writers: Get the e-book for free (or order a very cute miniature printed version) and browse little nuggets of transcreation gold.
  2. The Nearly Ultimate Guide to Better Writing, Write to Done: This book is a collection of blog posts and offers quick little shots of advice on becoming one with the words. Sign up for the newsletter and this e-book is yours.
  3. 20 Incredibly Useful Copywriting Tips, Copywrite Matters: Sign up for Belinda’s newsletter or her Copy Detective blog (which is quite entertaining) and get this short book as a gift.
  4. The ABC of Copywriting, Tom Albrighton: Last year, Tom made this ebook available for free. It’s a collection of his best how-to posts along with extra material. All you have to do is pay with a tweet. That’s reasonably priced.
  5. How to Write a B2B Website, Tom Albrighton:For all of us considering a website revamp for the New Year. Again, pay with a tweet and enjoy Tom’s advice for free.

E-books about software and tools

Or maybe you want something a little more geeky.

  1. 21 Free Tools and Utilities for Translators, Alessandra Martelli: Alessandra went to the trouble of testing and comparing free software so that we only need to cherry-pick from her selection should we feel the need to try out a new tool.
  2. Using Productivity Tools: Productivity Skills, Team FME (Free Management eBooks): This book covers a wide range of tools and skills  while making the very valid point that productivity isn’t something that can be outsourced to software. It starts with our own behavior. Team FME specializes in resources for managers, and seeing that we all manage our own businesses, their website has many other interesting e-books to offer.

What about you? Can you recommend any free e-books?

Else Gellinek is a German-American, bilingual linguist and translator specializing in PR, marketing and corporate communications as well as non-native editing. She blogs about the translation industry, freelancing, language and anything else that might tickle her fancy.

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  1. Nelia Fahloun

    Thanks for the useful links, Else! I hadn’t actually realized that Konstantina had collected all our stories in an e-book, so it’s nice to discover it through your blog.
    By the way, you have totally converted me to Evernote 😉

    1. Else Gellinek

      Hi Nelia,
      You’re more famous than you thought 🙂

  2. Alessandra Martelli

    Thank you Else for these interesting resources – and for your kind mention. I loved The ABC of copywriting and Belinda’s ebook, but I can see I have missed a few more that will certainly come in handy 🙂
    Have a great day!

    1. Else Gellinek

      Hi Alessandra,

      I love your new website! And I bet you know of a few e-books worth reading that I didn’t mention here 🙂

      1. Alessandra Martelli

        Thank you Else, glad you like it 🙂

        I can’t think of any specific ebooks at the moment, but can surely recommend checking out, a real treasure-chest of free eBooks on a variety of topics (including business writing & communication, languages, marketing, and more). I’m sure you’ll find something juicy for your autumn days (or evenings)!

        1. Else Gellinek

          Hey Alessandra,

          Great! I’d never heard of before. I’ll definitely check it out.

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  4. mariam

    Thank you for the interesting links.

    1. Else Gellinek

      They’re definitely worth recommending.

      Best, Else


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