#FollowFriday: Tweeps to brighten your day

On busy days, hopping over to Twitter for a few quick bursts of something-other-than-what-I-am-working-on-right-now is a lifesaver. This is a real, live #FollowFriday post!

Feel like some translation and language-related tweets with a twist?

How about some translator tweeps who tweet from the heart?

Or tweeps who ponder things?

Tweeps who notice interesting things?

Twitter #FF blog post

Image source: Canva



Whose tweets have your eyes glued to the screen? Did I miss the one person on Twitter you like the most?



PS I could have compiled a list many times the size of this one. Oh, the luxury of being forced to choose from so many excellent people on Twitter.

Else Gellinek is a German-American, bilingual linguist and translator specializing in PR, marketing and corporate communications as well as non-native editing. She blogs about the translation industry, freelancing, language and anything else that might tickle her fancy.

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  1. Alina Cincan

    Thank you, Else. Your name should definitely be on the list too. I love your tweets.

    1. Marie Brotnov

      Thank you for including me, and I discovered some new good ones to check out as well!

  2. Nikki Graham

    Thanks so much for including me and the Nix Tran Stories in this list, else. I’m blushing and feeling very honoured.


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