Profile and qualifications

  • Bilingual speaker of German and American English

  • State-certified translator (IHK) and language professional well versed in business terminology

  • Agency-trained translator with unflappable nerves

  • All-round language nerd with a degree in linguistics—familiar with German and English linguistic theory and translation studies

  • Trained bookdealer who worked with American university libraries—widely read and always eager to learn more

  • Strong believer in continuing education—there’s always more to learn

  • BDÜ – Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer Nordrhein-Westfalen

  • Texttreff – Das Netzwerk wortstarker Frauen

  • VGSD– Verband der Gründer und Selbstständigen Deutschland e.V.

Continuing education

I’m a curious person who is always looking to learn new things, both in my professional and my personal life. Translation skills, subject-matter expertise, what my clients are talking about, software skills—life-long learning really exists! And don’t forget books. The world may be going digital, but books will always be a great source of knowledge.

Diploma in Copywriting, Blackford Center for Copywriting (ongoing)
Fragen Sie Dr. Studio: Tags, Tags überall – Die angewandte Tagologie (BDÜ webinar)
Das Beste aus beiden Welten – neuronale maschinelle Übersetzung in SDL Trados Studio ( SDL webinar)
Introduction to UX for copywriters (ProCopywriters webinar)
E-Mail-Marketing & Newsletter in Zeiten der DSGVO (eRecht24 Premium webinar)
Google Analytics, Cookies and Co. (eRecht24 Premium webinar)
Social Media – Guidelines for Copywriters (ProCopywriters webinar)
How Do People Read Online? (ProCopywriters two-part webinar)
Innovation: The Food Industry (University of Leeds, FutureLearn MOOC)
What Works: Promising Practices in International Development (Oslo University, FutureLearn MOOC)
Challenging Wealth and Income Inequality (Open University, FutureLearn MOOC)
Translating for the International Development Sector (eCPD webinar)
Global Systems Science and Policy (Unesco UniTwin Complex System Digital Campus, FutureLearn MOOC)
International Law in Action (University of Leiden, Coursera MOOC)
E-Learning for European Development Funding (DSW – Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevölkerung)
Translating for the Creative Industries: Fashion, Beauty, Wine (eCPD webinar)
Bon appetit! Translating Gastronomy—Some Case Studies (eCPD webinar)
Copy and Content—Translated (Silvertongue Translations)
Hubspot Email Marketing Certification (Hubspot)
Hubspot Inbound Certification: Inbound Marketing & Sales Fundamentals (Hubspot)
The Secret Power of Brands (University of East Anglia, FutureLearn MOOC)
Brand Storytelling (D&D, FutureLearn MOOC)
Intercultural Communication ( Shanghai International Studies University, FutureLearn MOOC)
Writing and Translating for the Web (eCPD webinar)
Grundlagen des Marketing (FH Lübeck, iversity MOOC)
Clear Writing – Clear Benefits (eCPD webinar)
Was ist Transcreation? (DVÜD webinar)
Translating for the Travel and Tourism Industry (eCPD webinar)
Key Principles of Effective and Persuasive Communication (Alexandria webinar)
Website Localization for Beginners (Udemy)
Internal Communication Methods: Strategies and Tactics (Udemy)
How to Write a Great Press Release (Udemy)
Write Titles like a Professional Copywriter (Udemy)
Translating for Public Relations (eCPD webinar)
Translating Corporate Communications (eCPD webinar)
Theoretische Grundlagen der Transkreation (Academia webinars, 3 sessions)
Digital Marketing – Challenges and Insights (University of Southampton, FutureLearn MOOC)
Writing Techniques for Marketing Translation and Transcreation (Alexandria webinar)
Writing for the Web (Open2Study MOOC)
Editing Non-Native English: An Introduction (eCPD webinar)
Editing Non-Native English: Academic and Scientific Texts (eCPD webinar)
Gewusst wie: Storytelling als Marketinginstrument (DVÜD webinar)
BDÜ Conference 2019 Übersetzen und Dolmetschen 4.0: Neue Wege im Digitalen Zeitalter
texttreff Workshop-Wochenende 2019
Annual Members Meeting BDÜ NRW
Fasten-Kongress 2018
Selbstoptimierungskongress 2018
Neujahrestreffen BDÜ NRW
Translation – Transkreation: Vom Über-Setzen zum Über-Texten (two-day workshop, BDÜ)
Humanitarian Response in Crisis (live #RemakeAid event, Overseas Development Institute, London)
Innovating humanitarian action: more than just luck (live event, Overseas Development Institute, London)
What a Trump presidency means for international affairs (live event, Overseas Development Institute, London)
ELIA Together 2017 (Tagung der European Language Industry Association)
20th FIT World Congress
Paul Sutton’s Digital Download
The Copywriters Club
Geniuses of Copywriting
Grammar Girl
Copywriters Podcast with David Garfinkel
High-Income Business Writing, Ed Gandia
Marketing Mentor Podcast, Ilise Benun
What Doesn’t Kill You, Heritage Radio Network
The Editing Podcast, Denise Cowle and Louise Harnby
Scholars Strategy Network, No jargon
Slate, Lexicon Valley
Nina Schnitzenbäumr, Emotionales Marketing für Kreative
Kate Toon and Belinda Weaver, Hot Copy: A Copywriting Podcast for Copywriters
Mark Sisson, Primal Blueprint
Katy Bowman, Move your DNA
Kathrin Bussmann, The Worldly Marketer
Christian Höferle, The Culture Guy
Overseas Development Institute podcast
Nina Sattler-Hovdar, Get fit for the future of transcreation
Manfred Braun (ed.), Wissensmanagement für Sprachmittler im Überblick und im Detail
Benjamin Dreyer, Dreyer’s English: An utterly correct guide to clarity and style
Lynne Murphy, The prodigal tongue: The love-hate relationship between British & American English
Roy Peter-Clark, The glamour of grammar: A guide to the magic and mystery of practical English
Sara Zaske, Actung Baby: An American Mom on the German art of raising self-reliant children
Jenny Blake, Pivot: the only move that matters is your next one
Mathew McCool. Writing around the world: A guide to writing across cultures
Paolo Mefalopulos, Development communication coursebook: broadening the boundaries of communication
Sally Hogshead, Fascinate: how to make your brand impossible to resist
Bruce Currie-Alder, International development: ideas, experience, and prospects

Images: Shutterstock/ Svetlana Cherruty, Studio Wiegel, Münster, Shutterstock/ Nikusha