Resources and books for translators

Continuing professional development or bust? This post is inspired by a rather disheartening recent ProZ quick poll presenting a list of very well-known business books for translators and asking which one is the most useful for freelancers. The discussion on the poll seems to focus on how useless such books are and that those commenting have been doing fine without them. Why would translators of all people say that they know all there is to know on a subject. Isn’t

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Time to meet some translators

Nice to meet you There is a wonderful series currently running on the Lingua Greca Translations’ blog Adventures in Freelance Translation. It is called “20 (or so ) questions on how __ works”  and features freelance translators. I have been getting a huge kick out of reading these interviews. They offer a wealth of conversation starters and would probably be fantastic to re-read before meeting any of the translators introduced there (cheat sheet for a conference, anyone?).

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