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Show and tell: Google Analytics made easy

As part of my ongoing efforts to be (or become) a savvy entrepreneur, I have a monthly reminder set to check my Google Analytics account and dig deep into who uses my site and how. What really happens is that I log in, take a listless look at the dashboard, scratch my head and log right out again. Not very savvy, I know. Google Analytics in plain English

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Show and tell: Fun Twitter tools

Have even more fun on Twitter Twitter is a great network for translators. Everyone is sharing useful links and generally chatting up a storm. Here are a few free tools that are fun to use and might just make life on Twitter a little easier: How does everyone get those little symbols in their posts? Twitter symbols: Copy and paste and you are good to go. (Edit January 2016: The site seems to be down. Shame.) Twitter symbols: Write your

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Show and tell: Translator ergonomics survey

A survey on translators’ workplace ergonomics The year is slowly coming to an end and this is a final gentle nudge to take part in the following study – if you haven’t done so already. As part of the project Cognitive and Physical Ergonomics of Translation, a research team at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences is conducting an online survey to find out more about how and where translators work and which health-related issues they might have. The survey

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Show and tell: Verbix

Another site to remind us of linguistic diversity A while ago, I posted about the online tool Forvo, a pronunciation guide and an online repository of spoken language. I am always happy to discover resources dedicated to conserving linguistic diversity and keeping the knowledge alive that there are many languages spoken in this world.  Happily, my social media feeds delivered Verbix right to my doorstep (via the Conversis Facebook page).

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Show and tell: Writer’s diet

Unflab your writing One of the many challenges of writing non-fiction texts is to make them readable by expressing your ideas succinctly. Not everyone was born with the happy ability to write short, sharp texts. Helen Sword designed the Writer’s Diet website to help you discover whether your academic writing is flabby or fit. While she initially designed it with academic writers in mind, other writers such as journalists (or translators) can also benefit from it. Enter a sample text

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