Day of Multilingual Blogging 2014

The Day of Multilingual Blogging 2014

I may write in English all the time, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel a translator’s love for other languages. And this is where the Day of Multilingual Blogging 2014 (DMB 2014) comes in.

On November 13, 2014, bloggers are invited to write a blog post in a language (or several languages) they don’t normally write in. Last year, I wrote a post in German and waxed lyrical about learning languages. This year, I have a nice little idea for a multilingual post up my sleeve.

Maybe one of you readers would also like to be a part of the DMB 2014? I have the sneaky suspicion that there might be a few blogging translators with more than one language in their writing toolbox. Or perhaps you know someone who would like to write a guest post for your blog?

Head over to the registration page, let them know your blog name and what language(s) you will be writing in. Then add #Babel14 to your post so others can find you. Also, use the hashtag to see what others have come up with. See you there!

PS Happy Halloween to those who celebrate it!

Trick or treat!
Image source: Canva

German kids yell “Süßes oder Saures” when they go trick-or-treating. I think that’s a pretty good transcreation of the English “Trick or Treat.” “Süßes” means “sweet things” a.k.a. “candy” and “Saures” literally means “sour things”. In this case, it’s shorthand for the expression “Saures geben,” which translates literally as “giving s.o  sour things”, a.k.a a tongue lashing or even a bop on the nose.  That is a catchy way of expressing the English meaning of “Give me candy or I’ll toilet-paper your house!”

Wishing you all a toilet-paper-free evening.


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