Translation and transcreation

German to English

  • Corporate language and claims, corporate brochures

  • Social media, blogs

  • Press releases

  • Customer newsletters

  • Company brochures

  • Websites

  • Creative and advertising briefs and pitches

Recent project: translation / transcreation of Instagram and Facebook posts for a German fashion label

Recent project: transcreation / creative translation of room categories for a German hotel

  • Employee magazines and newsletters

  • Employee noticeboards

  • Style guides

  • Translation of advertising campaigns for headquarters

  • Trend reports published by a market research company

  • Procedures and instructions

  • E-commerce letter and email templates

Recent project: ongoing translation of articles for a German SME’s internal communications platform

Recent project: translation of an in-house style guide for a Swiss foundation

  • CVs and resumés

  • Employee references

  • M.A. program and graduate school requirements for a linguistics faculty at a German university

  • Bachelor theses

  • Manuals: e-commerce website,  insurance company in-house software

  • Business proposals and pitches

  • White papers for a consulting firm

Recent project: ongoing translation of procedures and manuals for a German food-technology company

Recent project: translation of a Festschrift for a German company on its 100th anniversary

Recent project: translation and localization of an emergency guide for first-aiders and in-house medics

Proofreading and editing

  • German-to-English translations (bilingual revision)

  • Scientific articles, dissertations and theses

  • Web copy

  • Brochures, presentations, social media, blogs

Recent sample project: presentation for a consulting firm


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