How I can help you

I specialize in subjects that require linguistic creativity and a light touch. You have taken the time to come up with carefully crafted and worded German texts. Now it is my turn to provide you with an English translation that is a testament to your original idea and creativity. I am dedicated to making sure that your message does not get “lost in translation.”

My experience with both German and American culture has honed my sense for what will work in a translation. Language does not exist in isolation; it is always part of a specific culture. Some terms or references are simply untranslatable and require special treatment. I have the experience and linguistic know-how to find alternatives that are true to the content, flow and style of your original text. Your subtleties, puns and wordplays are in safe hands with me.

What I specialize in

No one can claim to excel at everything, and I certainly don’t plan to. I deliver my best work when translating the following kinds of texts:

  • Marketing, PR, advertising

  • Creative translations (transcreation)

  • Corporate communications (internal communication, presentations, press releases, websites, newsletters, customer magazines, employee magazines, corporate philosophy, …)

  • Culture, entertainment, media and the arts, lifestyle and design

  • Human resources

Proofreading and editing

I will polish your texts until they really shine. Would you like me to go over your English texts (translations or originals) before they are published?

Proofreading and editing are terms that can mean different things to different people. Let me explain what my services cover to make sure that we’re on the same page.

  • Putting your text through a general style check

  • Coming up with more idiomatic expressions for your message

  • Replacing content-weak verbs and nouns with more expressive ones

  • Smoothing transitions and improving the flow of your text

  • Streamlining your text

  • Checking your text for spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes

  • Making sure your formatting is consistent

  • Ensuring the use of correct and consistent terminology

  • Checking translation accuracy and completeness (in case of a translation)


Every translation is different, so pricing depends on a number of factors:

  • The format of the source text

  • The length of the source text

  • How specialized the subject matter is

  • The amount of research needed

  • How soon you need the final translation

  • Any additional requirements you might have

How I calculate prices

I believe in project pricing. Every client has different translation needs , which is reflected in custom quotes that cover the work needed for a specific project.

For proofreading and editing, I charge per hour. This means that I will only bill you for the actual amount of work that needs to be done.

My minimum charge is 50.00 €.

I will be glad to send you a more detailed quote.

I can help tailor your text to your target audience. Your customers and clients will appreciate that you are presenting your message in flawless, idiomatic English (and without the typical pitfalls of German-to-English translations).


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