Show and tell: Fun Twitter tools

Have even more fun on Twitter

Twitter is a great network for translators. Everyone is sharing useful links and generally chatting up a storm. Here are a few free tools that are fun to use and might just make life on Twitter a little easier:

How does everyone get those little symbols in their posts?

Twitter symbols: Copy and paste and you are good to go. (Edit January 2016: The site seems to be down. Shame.)

Twitter symbols: Write your tweet via the site, add symbols and send.

What does that hashtag/term mean?

#tagdef: I’m sure you know all the relevant hashtags. For any unfamiliar hashtags, this site can help. Sometimes the character limit on Twitter can lead to very creative but baffling hashtags.

Twittonary: Twitter comes with a special language that is confusing to newcomers. This Twitter dictionary offers explanations for mysterious acronyms and the always corny Twitter puns (cf. attwicted).

How do I say this in less characters?

Thsrs: A Twitter thesaurus to give you a hand when that pesky character limit is cramping your style. (The suggestions don’t always make sense, but they just might make you smile.)

Who do I interact with the most?

Mentionmapp: Generate a map connecting you to the people on Twitter you have been talking to recently. The map is interactive, allowing you to zoom in and check out your contacts’ recent interactions.

What was my best tweet?

My Top Tweet: Have you ever wondered which of your tweets were follower favorites? This tool shows you your top 10 tweets. You can even share the results to Twitter. Very meta.

Do you have any favorite tools? Or favorite silly names for Twitter tools? What is it with Twubs, Twipho, Twazzup, Tweriod and the like? Elmar Fudd is alive and kicking.

PS In case you were wondering why I didn’t publish anything last week: I was busy writing a guest post about marketing translation for Nicole Y. Adam’s excellent blog. Go read it if you like.

Vintage camera. Image source: Canva, Nicola Perantoni at Unsplash

Image source: Canva, Nicola Perantoni at Unsplash

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