Show and tell: Google Analytics made easy

As part of my ongoing efforts to be (or become) a savvy entrepreneur, I have a monthly reminder set to check my Google Analytics account and dig deep into who uses my site and how. What really happens is that I log in, take a listless look at the dashboard, scratch my head and log right out again. Not very savvy, I know.

Google Analytics in plain English

And then my trusty Twitter feed served up Quill Engage. It’s a free app that reads your Analytics stats for you and translates them into a plain-English report that you can receive every month or every week. Perfect! I received my first report yesterday and it’s a 3-page document that breaks down what was happening when and where on my site and compares the usage data to previous weeks.

Everybody is always raving about the insights Google Analytics offers. In my case, the sheer amount of information stashed in my dashboard is so overwhelming that I can’t tell what’s important and what isn’t. The Quill Engage report pre-selects information and provides a pared-down version, focusing on the meaty stuff. After all, what’s the use of all that information if you have no idea what it means?

Now what?

I’m still stuck with deciding how to act on these insights. Some things are obvious. For instance, my report tells me that a main source of traffic comes from mobile phones. My blog is already mobile responsive, but the rest of my website isn’t (yet). That websites should be tailored for mobile access is nothing new –  and here are my Google Analytics statistics to remind me that I’m seriously lagging behind the times.

I have yet to make real sense of much of the other information Quill Engage provides. But taking baby steps is better than ignoring my Analytics altogether. I’m hopeful that reading a weekly digest of my website statistics will give me an idea of how things I do online affect how people use my website. The reports also links back to my Analytics dashboard, letting me dive into the real data if I want to. For the moment though, I’m happy to work with the Google Analytics 101 version that Quill Engage creates for me.

Some additional resources

When you feel that you have outgrown what Quill Engage has to offer, you might want to check out these resources:

Are you a Google Analytics expert? Do you know of the ultimate resource that would put me on the fast track to being an advanced Analytics user?

Vintage camera. Image source: Canva, Nicola Perantoni at Unsplash

Image source: Canva, Nicola Perantoni at Unsplash

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  1. Catherine Christaki (@LinguaGreca)

    Very useful, thank you for sharing Else! I used to look at our Analytics every now and then with our web consultant but there’s just too much information in there to do it on my own. I look forward to the first reports by Quill Engage 🙂
    Have a lovely weekend and thanks again for the useful resources you find and share with us!

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