Show and tell: Podcasts to listen to

Podcasts: Relax your eyes and use your ears instead

Podcasts are a great way to make productive use of downtime during household chores, commutes or walks with the dog. In the last months, I’ve really started enjoying the wonderful variety of podcasts on offer.

Here are some of my favorites:

Translation podcasts

Marketing Tips for Translators: Everyone has probably heard of this podcast by now. It’s famous and rightly so. Tess Whitty takes the time to speak to a wide range of guests working in different locations, language combinations and  specializations. Her podcast invites us to learn more about the many different successful marketing and business approaches our colleagues employ. Listen, take notes and get inspired.

100 Percent Translations Podcast with Paul Urwin: Paul is putting together a wonderful collection of interviews with translators and language professionals at various stages in their career. He truly believes that there is room for diversity and different approaches in the translation community and is using his podcast to showcase that. (Paul interviewed me for the podcast and we had a blast.) He also does Money Monday – A One-Minute Buzz for the Standing Out group in Facebook that is worth listening to.

Business podcasts

High-Income Business Writing with Ed Gandia: Ed is a wonderful host with great stories to share and he has a knack for inviting interesting guests. That adds up to an excellent podcast. Don’t let the name of the podcast deter you: This is a goldmine for all entrepreneurial translators.

Cultural Differences & Cultural Diversity in International Business with Chris Smit: Chris is an expert on international business culture and cultural diversity. He uses the podcast to share his stories and insights, often with guests who bring their own stories about international experiences to the show.

Creative Warriors with Jeffrey Shaw: This podcast is all about engineering your own success and finding creative and innovative ways to market yourself. I really enjoy listening to the many different guests and their individual stories.

Randomly wonderful podcasts

Stuff You Should Know with Josh and Chuck: Interesting episodes on a ridiculously wide range of topics. Does your perennially curious mind delight in random facts? This is the podcast for you.

Slate’s Political Gabfest with Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson and David Plotz: A smart and caustic take on American politics and current events from people in the know. Fast-paced, hilarious and occasionally peppered with strong language.

What are your favorite podcasts?

PS You may have noticed that I took a break from blogging and that this is the first post in about 2 months. I was busy having my website redesigned by the wonderful people at Websites for Translators. I’m very pleased with the results and hope that you will like the new, cleaner design of the blog.

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  1. Rob

    Great post. Big podcast junkie myself. Love Marketing Tips bit need to listen to Paul’s one. Can also recommend Unmarketing.

    1. Else Gellinek

      Hi Rob,
      Thanks for the comment and for the recommendation. I’ll have a listen to the Unmarketing podcast 🙂

  2. Elena Langdon

    Thanks! I am really getting into podcasts as well. In terms of non-translation podcasts, I absolutely love Dear Sugar — a compassionate, informed and mature advice column in audio form (by Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond:
    The Moth ( and This American Life ( are also great, and TED has podcasts, too.

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  4. Fred Condette

    Always love to read blog posts about podcasts. Thanks for the links and new podcasts to check out.
    I’m a huge tech podcast enthusiast but I also listen to the translation podcasts you mention. I also listened to Eve Bodeux and Corinne McKay’s “Speaking of Translation” podcast, but it may be discontinued now. I listed the EN, DE and FR podcasts i listen to on my blog (in French) – for tech enthusiasts! []

    1. Else Gellinek

      The one thing I’m learning from the many replies to this post is that there is an amazing world of podcasts out there just waiting to be discovered! Thanks for your list—I’ll be sure to check it out 🙂

      1. Fred Condette

        Thanks Else. I started to listen to podcasts (tech oriented 😉 in 2005, when podcasts were starting to become more popular, but now podcasting is really booming (not only audio but also video), and to produce and host content is easier than ever (well, at least technically-speaking!). Some people also use the Patreon network, to get paid by “patrons” for their work and content production, without the need to insert ads in their podcasts.

        1. Else Gellinek

          Another thing I’d never heard of! Thanks, Fred 🙂


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