Show and tell: More fun language tools

Time for some more language tools to educate and amuse. Enjoy!

Language tools for the academically minded

  • The University of Glasgow Historical Thesaurus of English: Almost 1,500 years of English at your fingertips. I rest my case.
  • The World Atlas of Language Structures (WALS): This is the perfect place to while away some time. Click through the maps or just browse countries and language families. I guarantee that you will marvel at the many languages you have never heard of. Those of you with linguistics degrees can heave a dreamy sigh while remembering your first encounter with phonetic or semantic concepts.
  • Wikitongues: A growing YouTube archive dedicated to preserving linguistic diversity and to providing a platform for a grassroots movement for language rights. Wikitongues’ mission is admirable and the many interviews on the YouTube channel are a great way to hear languages you might never hear on the street. If you would like to add your own video to the archive, the Wikitongues website has all the information.

Language tools for the marketing-minded

  • Hipster Business Name Generator by Connor Skye Riley: This tool makes use of the linguistic structure of many hipster company names and randomly generates some for your enjoyment along with a kooky font and a logo. Connor also wrote a post on LinkedIn explaining what she did, if you’d like to know more.
  • Slogan Generator: Enter your product or company name and the Slogan Generator will slot it into a slogan template. If you don’t like the suggestion, just try again. This tool is nothing fancy but it might help when you hit a creative block.

PS Need some more language resources? Have a look at my first list of tools for work and play.

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