Show and tell: Language games

Time has flown by since my last post. And now summer is here, the sun is shining and it’s hard to concentrate on a task at hand. Why not procrastinate with something that might entertain and educate at the same time?

Have some language fun in the sun

  • HaggardHawks, Missing letters: This is tougher than it sounds. You have 90 seconds to fill in the gaps and recognize which one letter is missing from a word. My score is definitely not worth bragging about.
  • Buzzfeed, If you can identify 75 % of these languages on sight, you’re probably a genius: How many languages can you recognize just from seeing a written sentence in front of you?
  • Ask me another with Ophira Eisenberg (podcast): This is a show for language lovers. Test your trivia knowledge with punny puzzles and word games. See how many you get right!
  • University Title Generator: Good fun! Who wouldn’t want to be “Acting Executive Assistant Chair of the Subcommittee for Donor Partnerships”?

PS If these resources are a touch too lighthearted for you, then take a look at Alina Cincan’s splendid blog post which is a humungous list of free or very affordable tools that 72 translators (including me) would not want to do without! That list is a keeper!

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Image source: Nicola Perantoni at Unsplash, Canva

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  1. Alina Cincan

    The ‘Missing letters’ game was fun, though my score wasn’t one to write home about either. I did very well when it came to identifying the languages though 🙂
    Thanks for including our resource too!

    1. Else Gellinek

      Glad you liked the games, Alina!
      And your list of resources has already proven extremely useful. So, thank YOU 🙂

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