Show and tell: The Right Rhymes

Hip-hop slang defined

Translators can’t really boast a lot of street cred. But that’s fine because there are helpful sites like The Right Rhymes that will enlighten us bookish people.

Are you baffled by lyrics in a hip-hop song? Or by the magic code all the cool people are using? Maybe The Right Rhymes can help.

Warning: explicit lyrics

Screenshot Ayo The Right Rhymes
The entry for “ayo”

Beware: This site definitely contains some strong language, so it’s NSFW and probably not suitable for the linguistically delicate.

Having said that, The Right Rhymes is a resource worth knowing about. It’s a historical dictionary of rap lyrics with several hundred headword entries listing word meanings, collocates as well as songs the headwords occurred in. You even get a map showing where the artists who used the word came from. Do you know what caking up or scrilla means? Well, now you know where to find the answer.



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