German to English translations

in PR, marketing and corporate communications

When you make your message, products or services available to more people, that means crossing language boundaries and engaging with different cultures.

This is where my expertise comes in:

  • I am a bilingual native speaker of American English and German. I have lived both in Germany and the USA, making me at home in both cultures. This gives me a unique understanding of how to drive your message home to your English-speaking target audience.
  • My 6 years of translation experience (both in-house and freelance) specializing in PR, marketing and corporate communication will be put to work to meet the needs of your target audience and help them hear what you have to say.

I provide German to English translations in precise and idiomatic English, enabling your customers and clients to focus on your message.

German to English translations that travel well.

Excellent German to English translations in PR, marketing and corporate communications.

Only the best translation will do

Just correctly inserting all the words in the source text into the target language does not amount to a professional translation. Don’t set your sights too low. An excellent translation begins where two languages and cultures intersect. You need a talented translator to straddle both worlds and make sure that your original content, message and intention are safely transported into the target language’s culture.

Not everything that works in German and Germany will work in translation. Some concepts, puns and even entire approaches may be unsuitable for your international audience. Germans, for instance, generally prefer a more formal way of addressing their audiences than Americans.

My translations are custom-made for your English-speaking audience while safeguarding the original punch of your German texts.

A professional translation is a direct reflection on your commitment to quality. Let’s discuss what I can do for you.

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